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140. Tracking Your Cycle While Using the Copper IUD

Today, we’re talking about the Copper IUD. There are so many questions about this hormone-free birth control product. And luckily, there’s tons of research on it. Let’s talk about how it’s used, risks, and of course, effectiveness. How long does it stay in? How does it affect our FAM practice? And, isn’t copper toxic? 

This episode isn’t intended to scare anybody from the Copper IUD. At the end of the day you should feel empowered to choose the form of birth control that is right for you. You should have the info, research, and tools to decide what fits best with you, your lifestyle, and your fertility needs.

We Chat About:

  • Review of the basics
  • Symptoms and side effects
  • What are the risks of toxicity?
  • Copper and estrogen
  • Effects on FAM practice

Connect With Me:

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