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Know Your Endo: What You Need to Know About Endometriosis | with Jessica Murnane

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Jessica Murnane is the creator of the One Part Plant movement, author of the One Part Plant Cookbook, host of the One Part Podcast, and founder of Know Your Endo, the endometriosis education and awareness platform.

So, of course, we’re chatting all about endometriosis: What it is, the symptoms, the stages, and some of the things you can do to help support the pain and inflammation related to it. If you don’t think you have endometriosis, keep listening! So many of the symptoms we women deal with are related to endometriosis, and our pain gets dismissed by doctors — and even other women — because we are just expected to have period pain. We don’t know what we don’t know, but only you know what it feels like in your body!

We Chat About:

  • How Jessica became interested in endometriosis

  • Getting diagnosed with endometriosis

  • The two types of surgery to treat endometriosis

  • Trying to make real policy change

  • Not ignoring or normalizing the symptoms

  • What the different stages mean

  • Next steps after showing symptoms

  • Promoting a plant-based diet


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