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How to manage PCOS + Your Hormones Without Dieting | with Julie Duffy Dillon

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Julie Duffy Dillon is a registered dietician, eating disorder specialist, and food behavior expert partnering with people on their food peace journey. She helps people with PCOS promote health without diets through her online courses and her podcast, Love Food.

In the space of healing our hormones, and trying to get to the root of our hormone imbalance symptoms, I found that we can start to develop a fear around our body, a fear around food, and we end up creating black and white rules around what we can and can’t eat. By the end of my interview with Julie, I had an epiphany: I had been trying so hard to control my body that I was causing myself unnecessary stress, and that stress itself can be horribly disruptive to our hormones!

In this episode, you’ll learn how to take all of the information that’s out there, learn to apply it to your body and your life, and from there decide what foods make you feel best and what foods don’t. You’re going to learn so much from Julie!

We Chat About:

  • The comparison between dieting and eating disorders

  • Easing the symptoms of PCOS without dieting

  • Demystifying inflammation

  • Promoting experimentation without getting into a diet mindset

  • Gluten and hormone health

  • Learning how to intuitively listen to your body

  • How exercise and movement relates to PCOS


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