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Listening to the Wisdom of Your Body + Using Naturopathic Herbs | with Cassandra Wilde

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Cassandra Wilder is a naturopathic doctor and the world’s leading expert in women’s cycles and menstruation. She travels around the world leading retreats, seminars, and courses, teaching women how to work with their bodies and innate cycles. She’s passionate about the wisdom of the woman’s body and reproductive health, and she’s so talented at helping women hear that wisdom for themselves.

We get into how our beliefs around our bodies and our periods affect (and can even exaggerate) the symptoms that we’re struggling with, and how this emotional piece can even be more important than the food that we eat or the supplements that we’re taking to balance our body. So, how do we balance all of the different areas of women’s health? I’m so excited that Cassandra was able to go into detail about that with us.

We Chat About:

  • When we first get disconnected from our feminine bodies

  • Tapping into your positive body image

  • How effective herbs are on the body

  • The role minerals play in the body

  • Believing in the women’s body

  • What vaginal steaming is and the benefits of it


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Learn about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to support your natural hormones throughout each one.

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