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Birth Smarter: Creating an All-Encompassing Birthing Plan | with Ashley Brichter

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There is so much hostility and stigma around the birthing world and motherhood — and it’s time we put that to an end! Ashley Brichter offers a beautiful balance of meeting women where they are and teaching them exactly what happens in the body when it prepares for childbirth. She is a childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and mama of two. 

She’s also the founder of Birth Smarter, which provides relevant and realistic education for expectant parents online and in-person in New York City and Salt Lake City. What matters most when it comes to childbirth is supporting women, giving them honest information about what is going on in their body, and giving them the birthing process and motherhood experience that they deserve — and that is just what you’re going to get from Ashley in this episode and beyond!

If you are expecting, you can use the code HEALINGHORMONES for 10% off any Birth Smarter class. Note: Birth Smarter always offers alternative pricing to meet families where they are! If you are not able to pay the ticket price of a class, just send them a note with what you can afford and they will accommodate you if there is room in the class.

We Chat About:

  • Why women have preconceptions about the birthing process

  • How women can broaden their options

  • The three actions of physiological birth

  • Preparing for all possibilities in the birthing process


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