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What We Can Learn from Eastern Medicine to Manage Our Hormones | with Dr. Beth Westie

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Dr. Beth Westie was a chiropractor at heart, but she took that knowledge and combined it with her own personal experience with women’s health and hormones. After a miscarriage, some pregnancy issues, and ovarian cysts, Beth started diving into the research regarding her hormones — and why the only things doctors would prescribe her were Vicodin and birth control. We talk about that journey, including diving into Eastern medicine practices in order to heal her cysts, all of the things western medicine gets wrong about women’s bodies, and how you can work to complement your body’s natural cycles.

We Chat About:

  • Dr. Beth’s rare pregnancy experience

  • Dealing with ovarian cysts

  • Why studies are typically done on men and the problem with that

  • Diving into eastern medicine

  • Balancing your hormones and basal body temperature

  • Choosing what foods are best for your cycle


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Hi, I’m Nina! I’m a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Hormone Coach, and Reiki Practitioner.

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The Podcast:


Learn about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to support your natural hormones throughout each one.

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