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Vaginal steaming is a topic that I’ve wanted to discuss in-depth for a while now, and Kit Maloney is the perfect person to dive into it with. She’s the founder of Kitara, a consumer brand for honest and holistic menstrual and uterine health products. If the thought of vaginal steaming still weirds you out, you’re in good company—Kit was a skeptic herself! But after diving into its history and hearing story after story of it’s healing properties, she became hooked and made the transition from skeptic to trained specialist. She breaks down why there is so much fear around the practice of vaginal steaming, how to practice it safely and effectively, and what it can be used to treat. You are going to learn so much about this often misunderstood practice.

Kit is also generous enough to offer a gift to the Healing Hormones audience! If you want to see what vaginal steaming is all about, click this link to get FREE universal healing herbs gifted with your purchase of a sauna!

We Chat About:

  • How Kit overcame her skepticism and fell in love with vaginal steaming

  • Why there are so many myths around it

  • The risk of burning in vaginal steaming

  • What is happening when you steam

  • Knowing what herbs to use

  • Vaginal steaming while trying to conceive

  • Helping with stagnation

  • Making vaginal steaming go mainstream


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