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Ditch Birth Control + Learn the Fertility Awareness Method

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Many women don’t know that fertility awareness is an option for them. When they see their doctors about their options, they are often told that there’s no reason to get off birth control unless they’re trying to get pregnant. But as we’ve discussed on this show before, there are any number of reasons why women may be looking into other options. The fertility awareness method can give you real clarity on when you’re in your fertile window and when you’re ovulating, whether you’re avoiding pregnancy or trying to achieve it, with a success rate comparable to birth control. This can be a great option for people who are interested in avoiding pregnancy but don’t want to be on the pill, so let’s dig into how it works.

We Chat About:

  • Listening to the signs your body is giving you

  • The menstrual cycle pattern

  • The varying types of cervical mucus

  • Tracking basal body temperature


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Hi, I’m Nina! I’m a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Hormone Coach, and Reiki Practitioner.

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The Podcast:


Learn about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to support your natural hormones throughout each one.

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