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Tampons & Toxic Shock Syndrome: What You Need to Know | with Sharra Vostral

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Sharra Vostral is an Associate Professor of History in the Purdue College of Liberal Arts who has spent 25 years researching the relationship between gender, medical history, and technology. She’s also the author of two books — “Under Wraps: A History of Menstrual Hygiene Technology” and “Toxic Shock: A Social History” — that explore the knowns and unknowns of these products, and we dive into all of it. We go through the early history of menstrual products starting in the early 1900s, talk about the stigma surrounding menstrual products and periods, and she answers questions about toxic shock syndrome.

We Chat About:

  • The women have managed menstruation throughout history

  • The beginning of tampons

  • The movement of women’s freedom and how that shifts the industry

  • When toxic shock came about

  • Regulating the terms used by the tampon industry

  • Whether or not you should be nervous about wearing tampons

  • Challenging the menstrual stigma


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