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Into the Babesment: Why Diet Culture Sucks | with Stef Streb and Julie Ohlemacher

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Stef + Jules are the hosts of The Babesment, a podcast that celebrates stories of incredible humans and the bodies they’ve lived in. Stef Streb is a body-positive photographer, Julie Ohlemacher is a body image and intuitive eating coach, and they both know their stuff when it comes to celebrating our bodies, honoring our bodies, and learning to appreciate and love the bodies we’re currently in. We talk all about hormones, how our bodies change (and that they’re meant to change), and why diet culture sucks—and what we can do about it! These gals will inspire and empower you to have further conversations around busting down diet culture and show yourself the love you deserve.

We Chat About:

  • Being okay with body changes

  • Getting off birth control

  • Normalizing weight gain

  • How stress damages our bodies

  • Dismantling diet culture


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