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Your Guide to PCOS: Balancing Hormones + Blood Sugar | with Megan Hallett

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Please welcome certified women’s health and nutrition coach, host of All is Well podcast, and author of The Happy Balance, Megan Hallett! Today we are going deep into the hormonal condition PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome. After years of struggling with her own PCOS symptoms, Megan now uses her love of food to help women with endocrine or hormonal issues. She places a strong emphasis on focusing on foods you CAN eat, versus the ones you can’t!

We kick off the conversation by covering the symptoms of PCOS and which tests you should request from your doctor. There are a wide range of symptoms that may occur, but Megan explains the three diagnosable symptoms with PCOS, like cysts on your ovaries. We talk about ways to manage the hormonal imbalance, such as balancing blood sugar, stress reduction, and supplements. Megan then shares plant-based food tips for balancing your hormones, and the benefits of eating seasonally and locally!

We Chat About:

  • Megan’s experience with disordered eating

  • Brain, glands, and hormone production

  • Chronic vs. acute stress

  • Herbs & supplements used with PCOS

  • GI mapping, DUTCH testing, stool testing

  • How often you should test hormone levels

  • Transitioning to going vegan


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