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Women’s Bodies Are Amazing, Pregnant or Not | with Jessica Kapusta

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Jessica Kapusta is a good friend of mine and recipe creator and food stylist for natural food brands who has a passion for health, wellness, and empowering women. She recently started a new venture, John & Jane’s Sauces, where she makes sauces, dressings, and condiments that are free of the most common allergens. She took her personal experience and put all of her heart and soul into these sauces! She’s also recently released a cookbook that can teach you how to make these sauces at home, as well as some delicious dishes to accompany them.

Every time we talk, we get into long conversations about health, wellness, body image, and more—and this is no exception! We really get into the double-standard that comes with how we talk to women about the way their body is changing when they’re pregnant versus when they are not. Our bodies are changing ALL the time, and there’s no reason to think that should be exclusive to pregnancy or that’s the only time we can appreciate women’s bodies. Let’s extend that body love and acceptance to all people!

We Chat About:

  • How Jessica got into the health food space

  • Talking to all women like we talk to pregnant women

  • How healthcare is geared towards women having kids

  • Caring for women’s whole bodies, pregnant or not

  • The struggles of identity that women face

  • Why Jessica started John & Jane’s Sauces


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