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Nutrient Deficiencies, Supplementing + Testing | with Amanda Montalvo

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Please welcome women’s health dietitian and functional nutrition practitioner, Amanda Montalvo! You’ll hear how Amanda’s personal journey with hormone imbalance led her to helping women heal their hormone related issues, increase energy levels, and have healthy menstrual cycles. Did you know hormonal birth control causes nutrient deficiencies? Amanda educates us on the role birth control plays in micronutrient imbalances, how this affects hormonal health, and the benefits of testing. We talk about the specific nutrients the birth control pill depletes, and when supplementing is beneficial. Amanda explains how each of us is unique, and why taking just any supplement may not be helping you. We also cover the different types of tests, like the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and Amanda shares her favorite tests to start with when you begin your hormone and gut healing journey!

We Chat About:

  • Anxiety & synthetic hormones

  • Blood testing vs. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

  • Digestion & absorption of supplements

  • Synthetic vs. whole food supplements

  • The four main areas for healing the gut

  • Putting boundaries around phone use


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