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Owning Childbirth Your Way | with April Davis

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April Davis is a compelling speaker, creative consultant, visual artist, and wordsmith who is featured in magazines, websites, podcasts, and on stage sharing her wisdom, humor, and knowledge as the creator of The Vagina Blog and The Vagina Blog Podcast. She is refreshingly open and honest about many seemingly-taboo topics around women’s health: Vaginas, birth, postpartum, pregnancy, and more. Her passion and drive have created an entire community around female body health, and she empowers women and vagina-owners to love themselves fully while focusing on bringing light to the topics no one talks about. We have an open conversation about birth, and she’s seen a lot in the birthing room. We also have a beautiful, empowering conversation around postpartum.

We Chat About:

  • Letting the body do what it is meant to do

  • Lowering mortality rates during childbirth

  • Having ownership over your birthing process

  • April’s birthing stories

  • Protecting your energy


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