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The Power of Self-Healing & Reiki | with Kelsey Patel

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Kelsey Patel is an author, reiki master, motivational speaker, meditation teacher, and host of the Magik Vibes podcast. She shows up fully in every space that she can, but she’s always doing the same thing: reminding others — and their bodies — that we are all our own best healers. We talk about releasing our fear, being worthy of health and success, connecting to our intuition and soul, and the many practices we can use to do that. We also touch on reiki and our experience using it in our lives.

We Chat About:

  • The difference between body and soul

  • Getting out of the cycle of control and fear

  • The balance between finding guidance and self-healing

  • Common misconceptions about reiki

  • Giving Reiki to yourself


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