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Common Genetic Mutations Affecting Your Hormones | with Dr. Hanisha Patel

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Please welcome to the pod, Dr. Hanisha Patel! Dr. Patel is a naturopathic doctor located in Columbus, OH. When we met, I immediately connected with her philosophy on how nutrition, lifestyle, and natural medicine can heal women’s health and hormones.

We kick it off with Dr. Patel unraveling why she switched from the conventional medicine route to natural, and how traveling the world influenced this decision. As herb enthusiasts, we talk about how antimicrobial herbs can be just as powerful and more effective than antibiotics! This leads us into a discussion on supplements, and why the quality and brand you buy is so important. 

Our main points of conversation are all about gene mutation, epigenetics, and balancing hormones! Dr. Patel explains the amount of disease that’s affected by environmental factors, and which factors you can change. She dives into the gene mutations that affect hormone balance, and how these mutations are very common. Dr. Patel also shares practical tools to support the body, like the best form of B12 and folate to take!

We Chat About:

  • Gluten sensitivities & processed grains

  • Investing in your health vs. paying for it later

  • Changing your gene expression

  • The amount of disease that is caused by environmental causes

  • What affects our genetic expression

  • The gene mutation that affects the way we process estrogen

  • Genetic mutations and miscarriages 

  • Slow vs. fast COMT gene mutation

  • The benefit of genetic testing

  • Avoiding toxic products + which app to use


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