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All About Phexxi, the Hormone-Free Birth Control with Saundra Pelletier

I have been getting so many questions about Phexxi, the first and only hormone-free prescription birth control gel that you can control. I’ve done my own independent research on it, but wanted to have a conversation with someone from the company to tell us more about it. So, in this episode, we head right to the top and hear from Saundra Pelletier, CEO of Evofem Biosciences, the makers of Phexxi. She’s passionate about her product and what they’ve created, and you’ll see why. She answers all of our questions, from what Phexxi is for, how it works, and more.

Important Safety Information: If you have had a history of UTIs that keep coming back or other urinary tract problems, you should not use Phexxi. Please see additional safety and PI at www.phexxi.com.

We Chat About:

  • Becoming the CEO of Evofem Biosciences
  • Making a female-first birth control
  • Understanding the downsides of hormonal birth control
  • How Phexxi works
  • Who Phexxi is and isn’t for


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