Healing Hormones Podcast

Balance Your Hormones and Diet + Master Your Minerals with Amanda Montalvo

Today, we’re welcoming back registered dietitian Amanda Montalvo! We’ve been working together for a while now – from when she helped me on my own hormonal journey, to various collaborations, and even just sharing resources. She helps women get to the root of their hormone imbalances so they can have healthy menstrual cycles. She started her nutritional education following the traditional route, but after dealing with her own health problems when getting off of hormonal birth control, she quickly realized the value of functional medicine. After healing her acne, balancing her hormones, and learning the value of the menstrual cycle, she found her purpose in helping women create a balanced body without settling for anything less. We talk about the importance of minerals and supplementation for our anatomy, how to get started with a balanced diet, and sifting through all of the information available out there to find what works for you.

We Chat About:

  • Understanding the audience when reading information online
  • Navigating the research available
  • Experimenting with supplements
  • Saturated fat: good or bad?
  • How to get more plants in your diet
  • Where to get started with a balanced diet


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The Podcast:


Learn about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to support your natural hormones throughout each one.

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