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Breaking the Baby Formula Stigma with Mallory Whitmore, The Formula Mom

Mallory Whitmore is a mom of two, educator, advocate, and certified infant feeding tech. She’s the face behind The Formula Mom, an online platform that helps new parents make informed, confident, and supportive infant feeding decisions without all the guilt and shame. We rarely hear information about baby formula, despite the fact that 75% of babies are formula-fed. Mallory Whitmore felt shame around having to feed her child formula, and frustration around the lack of resources out there. She set out to do the research herself and become a resource for other moms to stop feeling bad about using formula, and that’s when The Formula Mom was born. We talk about how to choose the formula that’s right for you, how you can ease the emotions and guilt that can accompany the decision to switch to formula, and other pieces of guidance, information, science, and more. Any decision you make towards feeding your child is the right decision as long as it’s the right one for you.

We Chat About:

  • What inspired Mallory to start The Formula Mom
  • Why formula is stigmatized
  • How to decide what formula to use
  • The misinformation around breast milk benefits
  • The mental health cost of pumping


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