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Busted Myths & Proven Benefits: Exploring Castor Oil with Dr. Sherri McKnight of Queen of the Thrones

Dr. Sherri McKnight of Queen of the Thrones joins me to find the truth about castor oil, a hotly debated method for relieving inflammation and pain that goes back hundreds (even thousands!) of years. We talk about its many benefits, bust a few myths, and walk you through proper therapeutic use while highlighting the amazing easy-to-use oil packs by Queen of the Thrones.

Of course – we make sure to bring it all back to fertility and hormone health, as castor oil packs can help you have less painful periods while supporting ovulation and the successful fertilization of eggs. Don’t miss this super informative episode where we uncover the (somehow) still hidden secrets of castor oil!

We Chat About:

  • Judgment vs. science in holistic health
  • Hormonal benefits of castor oil
  • Discovery and early research of the castor bean
  • What makes Queen of the Thrones special?
  • Ways to use it and how often
  • Medical benefits 
  • Busting myths – is it messy?
  • Unexpected uses: hello eyebrows!


Connect With Me:

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