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Four Tips for Having the Birth Control Talk With Your OBGYN

Your OBGYN is supposed to be your ally when it comes to your health. Yet, for so many, we leave the gynecologist’s office feeling confused, frazzled, and overlooked. Maybe you’re feeling pressured to choose a pharmaceutical birth control when you really wanted to go with the fertility awareness method. Maybe it feels like your doctor doesn’t have confidence in your personal decisions or understanding of the situation. Whatever it is, in this episode, I share four tips to help you feel more confident and prepared to advocate for yourself and your reproductive health the next time you step foot into your OBGYN’s office.

We Chat About:

  • Why talking to your OBGYN can feel overwhelming
  • Things to keep in mind about your gynecologist’s training
  • Taking your time to make your decision
  • Doing your research before your OBGYN visit
  • Taking time to sit with your thoughts

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