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Healing Hormones Hits – Supporting Our Metabolism: A New Look at Hormone Healing with Jessica Ash

Note: I’m working on creating some incredible new episodes for the podcast. In the meantime, here’s one of our most popular episodes with Jessica Ash!

Jessica Ash is a functional nutritionist who coaches and educates women on all things hormones, primarily working with women who’ve struggled with PCOS and thyroid issues, teaching them how to nourish their bodies and master their metabolism. We have these blanket statements of what we should do or what we should cut out of our diet, and it doesn’t always work. Why is it that when someone is doing all the “right things,” they can still not feel their best? Because there’s a new way to look at our body, and that’s from the angle of serving and supporting our metabolism. Jessica explains why healing the metabolism is so important in an easy to digest way.

We Chat About:

  • How Jessica ditched the standard hormone advice
  • Eating for your metabolism
  • Testing out the gluten free diet
  • Taking a HTMA test
  • Fiber: take it or leave it?
  • The carbs you’re encouraged to take
  • Food combining or eating a balanced meal
  • Dealing with PCOS
  • Intermittent fasting
  • How you should feel during your luteal phase


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