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Her Story: How This Doula Went From IUD to FAM with Kat Kirk-Holmes

Kat Kirk-Holmes is a student in my LUNA course. She is a flight attendant and doula in the Columbus area and, after five years, she’s had her IUD taken out. Before that, it was the pill for about ten years. She is now managing to prevent pregnancy through the fertility awareness method (FAM).

She shares her story of getting off birth control, the emotional and physical journey between starting it fifteen years ago to today, what made her decide to switch to natural methods, and her experience as a doula. 

You’re going to get so much out of her story no matter where you are in your hormone journey. Don’t miss it!

We Chat About:

  • Kat’s experience starting birth control
  • Making the decision to quit hormonal birth control
  • Why Kat decided to join the FAM program
  • Becoming a doula and how it connected Kat to her own body


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