Healing Hormones Podcast

Holistically Support Your Body & Hormones with Herbs with Rachelle Robinett

One of the problems with synthetic hormones is how easily they can knock our body off course and tip our hormonal balance in the wrong direction. But what if you could take something natural that supports your body’s ability to create hormones with a low risk of unwanted side effects or complications? That’s what we talk about today with Rachelle Robinett, the founder of Supernatural, a shop and educational platform for herbal medicine. 

Herbs can be used to holistically support the body, whether for hormone balance, PMS, heavy periods, sleep, digestion, and more. We get into how we can start to harvest the power of plant medicine and where you can learn more about this exciting field.

We Chat About:

  • How Supernatural got started
  • What herbs can help support hormone balance
  • The foundations to have in place 
  • Herbs to support sleep
  • How to source them
  • Knowing which herbs to take


Connect With Me:

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Learn about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to support your natural hormones throughout each one.

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