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Making the Transition from Birth Control to Fertility Awareness Method with Hannah Matluck

Hannah Matluck is a previous private client of mine, and she’s been a trusted voice in the health, wellness, and hormone space as a health coach and hosts her own podcast, The V Hive. She has a unique perspective on fertility awareness method (FAM) and she’s still discovering how little we are taught about our bodies growing up. 

She shares the story of how she transitioned off of birth control, as well as her experience with FAM so far, her initial fears and what she thinks of them now, how FAM has impacted her sex life, and how what she’s learned will serve her throughout the phases of her life. If you have questions about fertility awareness or just want to know more about how it feels to practice it, this is the conversation for you.

We Chat About:

  • Why Hannah entered the wellness space
  • What it’s like making the transition from birth control to FAM
  • Typical FAM fears
  • How you can use FAM to prevent or support pregnancy


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