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Navigating the Transition Off Birth Control with Kaely McDevitt

One of the most requested topics I get is transitioning off of birth control and the IUD. So many people have questions about the pill and what it’s doing to the body. In order to get the full picture on the topic, I’ve brought in an expert on the subject, Kaely McDevitt. She’s a registered dietitian specializing in women’s health, and she owns a virtual practice where she and her team help clients overcome digestive issues through personalized nutrition. 

There’s so much we aren’t taught about our own health, so we’re digging into this together to discuss the importance of our gut, liver health, inflammation, and other important things to get you armed to make the best decisions possible for you.

We Chat About:

  • Kaely’s health journey
  • The nutrient depletions caused by the pill
  • Creating a plan for transitioning off birth control
  • Recommended first steps
  • The copper IUD and other alternative birth control methods
  • Dietary considerations and what people should look out for


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