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Rebuilding Your Body After Birth with Amy White

Postpartum body repair is part of the childbirth process no one prepares you for. So many moms ignore it altogether and scramble to the spin class the minute they get the OK from their OB. Yet, if you’re anything like me, jumping back into working out can feel like your organs will flip flop onto the yoga mat. There’s a voice inside your head whispering, “Something doesn’t feel right.” I decided to listen to that voice, and turned to today’s guest: pilates instructor, pre and post-natal care expert, and mother, Amy White. 

We delve into how to re-configure, and re-balance your body after birth, and lift the lid on what’s really going on internally, from pelvic floor to diastasis and everything in between. Plus: you’ll get the intel on her Postpartum Repair Program, and how it can help you heal and strengthen your body during your postpartum journey. 

We Chat About:

  • The lack of satisfactory postpartum care information
  • How to reposition the body after labor 
  • Pelvic floor deep dive 
  • Unpacking the Postpartum Repair Program 
  • Strengthening your body vs losing “the baby weight”
  • The differences between vaginal and C-section body recovery 


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