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The Fight for Period Equity with Dr. Tricia Callender

When we don’t have access to products and information regarding our basic biological needs, it holds us back in a number of ways in life.

Dr. Tricia Callender has 15 years of experience promoting equity, policy, and behavior change, including in her current position as Head of Diversity at Thinx Inc. She’s also built, directed, and executed the Addressing Inequalities Network Alliance (AINA), the largest and most successful online consultation in the United Nations history, featuring six-thousand member participants in over one-hundred countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, former Soviet Union, and the United States.

We talk about period equity: what that is, why it’s important, why menstruators of all kinds deserve access to period resources and products, and why this issue extends far beyond just periods.

We Chat About:

  • Dr. Tricia’s background in equity
  • What period equity means and why it’s so important
  • The current state of period education
  • What we can do to improve education and access
  • What the “pink tax” is and why it is inequitable
  • Moving through the world as a menstruator
  • How you can help support period equity


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