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The History of Black Midwifery with Aiyana Davison

Midwives provide an amazing service, but many people don’t understand all that they do, or why they would want to work with one.

Aiyana Davison is a certified nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner. She currently practices in Southern California, where she passionately sheds light on the inequalities that exist within healthcare, addressing the crisis that Black women face in the US, the provision of quality care for all individuals and families, and the preservation of the legacy of Black midwives and birthwork. We touch on what midwifery is, why you might want to work with one, and what to expect if you are interested.

She is doing the world a service by educating people on the rich and wonderful history of Black midwifery. It’s up to us to use that information to do our part to spread this awareness and make critical changes within our system.


We Chat About:

  • What led Aiyana to midwifery
  • What the midwife practice is about
  • The Black history of midwifery
  • How Black women were shut out of the medical industry
  • Changing the medical industry and what you can do to help
  • What to expect when working with a midwife




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