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Understanding the Vagina Better with Dr. Nicole E. Williams

Let’s talk about vaginas! If you listen to this podcast, there’s a pretty good chance you have one. To help us go into detail and bust the myths you have heard growing up, I’m joined by Dr. Nicole Williams. She’s a board certified gynecologist, hormone specialist, and the author of “This is How You Vagina.” We talk all about what your vagina should look like, smell like, the hair situation, and the attraction between you and your partner. And don’t miss the three secrets to having a healthy vagina.

We Chat About:

  • Why sex education is so poor in the US
  • What your vagina is supposed to smell like
  • Thoughts on period panties
  • Debunking vaginal myths
  • Managing your hair down there
  • Birth control options and considerations with them
  • Three things your vagina really needs


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